Young Scientist’s Congress 2017

On 27th April Primary 6 girls had the opportunity to participate in the first ever congress for young scientists held at the Museu Blau in Barcelona.


In the morning ,a group of sixteen of us met at the school at 6.45 to begin the journey to Barcelona.

This group was made up of 6 musicians , 5 investigators and the 5 girls who were going to do the presentation of our science investigation in the afternoon. We were accompanied by senyoreta Consol, Miss Ann and Miss Muriel.

When we arrived in Barcelona we met up with the boys and girls from the other four schools who were also taking part in the Congress. We then attended the opening of the congress.  



We were divided into 5 groups with one pupil from each school in each of the groups. First, we were  given an envelope with a  difficult question to solve. Later, we started investigating

using all the museum and with the help of famous scientists. After 2 hours, we presented the conclusions to the other pupils.

We learned so much about working cooperatively and having to think to resolve questions without the help of internet.



First , we met Jaume who is a professional musician and then we went in a room with the musicians from the other schools. We introduced ourselves to the others. After, we practised a song all together to perform in the closing ceremony. We also rehearsed our song that we were going to perform to introduce our school’s project in the afternoon.It was great fun.



When we arrived we introduced each other in the auditorium where we were going to do our presentations the afternoon.

We rehearsed our presentations and listened to the presentations from the other schools. We had help from two teachers and we had to say the negative things about the other presentations to help the other groups to do better. It helped us to feel more confident for the afternoon.



In the afternoon  the rest of our classmates arrived. They had come to listen to Les Alzines  science presentation about the effects of sugary drinks on our teeth and  the presentations from the other four participating schools. The presentations were all very interesting and we learned a lot of new things. We were all so proud of our performance. Everyone did a great job.



This congress was an opportunity to learn more things,

meet pupils from other schools and learn about their ways of working. It was a great experience for everyone.


More photos and videos, here


Primary 6 pupils.

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