Preschool Parents, 2nd cycle (from 3 to 6 years) - MILLOREM

Dear families,

As you already know, at the Les Alzines Institution, we want to work with the desire to improve our world, with the deep commitment to help each person to develop freely and go as far as possible within the path of their own happiness. .

This mission places the family as the axis of our educational project. Thus, when we say that we are a family school, and that the key point of the effectiveness of our project is the parents, we say it with the conviction that you are the true protagonists of the education of your children.

One of the strategic lines of our project is: Ethical leadership.

This line is based on the conviction that each person is unique, unrepeatable and valuable for himself and that, to be happy, he needs to develop ethical leadership, which will help him discover his talents and the meaning of his life, which can be put at the service of others working to build a better world.

To achieve a comprehensive education for students, in the 3-6 year stage, we seek to promote habits that allow them to do well in any circumstance and of their own free will. The human values ​​are the habits that mark a positive sense in the existence of each person and perfect it.

It is true that in the family values ​​are learned in the most everyday situations. Examples are more important than words. In family life we ​​find many educational opportunities in daily coexistence to work on these virtues.

At school we do all this work through the "Millorem". Through this new course, in order to make you part of the project and home-school go together, every month we will send you a card with the "Millorem", in which you will find ideas to be able to work at home and, together, improve at the corresponding virtue.

Remember that love, trust and gratitude favor the formation of values ​​and are basic conditions of an educational environment.

Early Childhood Education Teachers Team

Ethical leadership