Ed. children's second cycle (3-6 years) - CaixaForum trip

Dear families,

The boys and girls of Kindergarten second cycle (3-6) will go on an excursion to the CaixaForum. They will carry out an activity to awaken their interest in astronomy and sky observation.

Why do we see the moon in different ways? Why is there day and night? It will be a morning departure.

Here are the departure days:

  • I3A (Srta Mariona) Monday, May 20
  • I3B (Srta. Assum) Wednesday 22 May
  • I3C (Srta Ana) Tuesday, May 21
  • I4A (Srta Paula) Monday 27 May
  • I4B (Srta Mireia) Monday, May 27
  • I4C (Srta Pili) Tuesday 28 May
  • I5A (Srta Nuri) Thursday 23 May
  • I5B (Srta Laura) Thursday 23 May
  • I5C (Srta. M.Pilar) Friday 24 May

We ask you to be punctual.

Yours faithfully,

Rossi Pijoan

Coord. Ed. Infantil Children's Education

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