4th ESO -

Dear 4th grade ESO families,

since many of your daughters will receive Confirmation on November 11 or 18, we are sending you some notices to keep in mind for the day of the ceremony.

To make it easier for students who are confirmed and are from outside Girona to arrive on time, we will offer the possibility of having the afternoon free that day. For the rest of the students, study rooms will be made available so they can work.

We have attached a form to indicate whether they will use this classroom or whether they will go home after lunch. If you consider it, even if they do not make the confirmation that day, they can go home if you so indicate.

We also want to let you know that, in order to make parking easier for you, the school parking lot will be open so that you can park your vehicles inside and pick it up after the ceremony.

Since the event will take place in the parish church of Palau, and not in the Cathedral as in previous years, we would appreciate it if you could limit the number of attendees to the ceremony.

We hope to greet you that day,

Nuri Vila

Deputy director of ESO and BTX

Ethical leadership