Ethical Leadership in Primary - December


During the month of December in 1st and 2nd EPRI we will work on the virtue of generosity.

In the Llibreta Alzineta you will find the specific objective of the month and the purpose of spiritual formation.


During the month of December we will work on persuasion and communication.

The motto of the month is: "If we live together we communicate, we unite and get to know each other.". This month we encourage you to participate in the nativity photo contest that promotes the school while promoting its origin as a tradition but also as a personal experience.


Through the Personal & Family Project (P&FP) we delve deeper into the 6 character strengths of the AIRISS model from the five dimensions of the person.

This term we will work on Autonomy and Integrity in 5th EPRI and Autonomy and Sociability in 6th EPRI.

Throughout the term, your daughters will bring some activities to do as a family.

Ethical leadership