We are working to create a culture of thinking and creativity in school

To offer quality learning to the students at Institució of Les Alzines, the teaching team never stops training.

Open, stimulating educational environments, where we all learn together and the student is the protagonist of their learning process. That is why we have the DREAM SCHOOLS project in which the illusion of learning, of teachers and students, is reborn every morning when the classrooms are opened.

School facilities should be places of inspiration where everyone enjoys learning. As an institution we renew ourselves, to learn and apply new pedagogical methodologies effectively, to promote a better understanding of the knowledge and the development of skills that they will need in the future. We are working to create a culture of thinking and creativity in school, personalization of learning, cooperative and project work, and a paradigm shift in assessment.

All these new methodological challenges are followed by the continuous training of each teacher, and also, by the teamwork of the teaching staff.

DREAM SCHOOLS is developed in four lines of action:

  • culture of thought and creativity
  • evaluative paradigm shift
  • cooperative and project learning
  • professional project