Trip around the world in 80 days

This summer, 2022, we will turn our school into many corners of the world, settings where your sons and daughters - with Phileas Fogg - will be the protagonists of unforgettable moments. They will spend these holidays living intensely with their classmates. They will take a break from doing a lot of activities. They will be creative, they will be artists, they will speak English, they will do sports and much more!

But not only that. Ask us that in Around the World in 80 Days we focus on the goals so that your sons and daughters can improve, so that we can keep them in the forefront. Because that's what we want: games, swimming pool, sports, lunch, excursions are also educational activities. In Around the World in 80 Days, your children will get better because - also in the summer - family and school will accompany them in their growth.

What a trip around the world!

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