PRIMARY - Screening visual

Dear families of Primary 1:

A few years ago we started with the experience of performing an optometric visual screening on all students of Primary 1. We are very happy with the results; This year we have everything organized to be able to do it again. 

Carrying out this visual screening of all students of Primary 1 is a good step forward to open the doors to primary school because it allows reviewing the visual skills involved in learning which are related to school performance.

Strictly following the hygienic measures established by the Covid protocol, a team of external professionals will come to the school the week from October the 19th to October the 23rd to carry out this visual screening.

In order to carry out the review properly, you will have to fill out and sign the authorization and answer the visual questionnaire that will be given to your daughter that week.

The visual screening has no additional cost for the families and the results will be delivered to you personally in the next interview you have with the tutor.


Consol Canals

Deputy Director of Primary

Global competence