PRIMARY - Project Girona

From the 26th to the 31h of October, the students of primary will stop their everyday lessons to work in the project ‘Girona’.

De 26-10-2018 09:05 a 31-10-2018 17:00
Les Alzines, Camí Vell Fornells, Girona
How to get

This project has the objective of learning more about our city. Each grade will work different aspects of the city through Multiple Intelligences.  

       1st: The houses of Onyar and the Lion Market

       2nd: The bridges of our city and the trade of potter (in Quart)

       3rd: The Tarlà and the Museum of the Cinema

       4th: The Cathedral and St. Feliu

       5th: St. Pere de Galligants

       6th: Old quarter, Jewish quarter and Medieval Girona

All Primary students will go on their cultural outing on the 31th of October, which is related to the topics of the projects.

The students of 6th grade will also have a guided visit to different places in Girona on the 26th of October.

The school offers the lunch picnic to the children

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