PRIM - Project "Girona"

Dear families,

On the 26th, 27th and 28th of October, the Primary students will stop taking their daily classes and will work on the "GIRONA" project.

The purpose of this project is to get to know our city better. In each course, different aspects of the city will be worked on through the Map of Understanding, Thought Routines and Habits of Mind.

The entire Primary will do the cultural outing on the 28th, which is related to the following issues.

       1º: The legends of the Old quarter.

       2º: The cinema Museum.

       3rd: Visit to the Town Hall.

       4th: The Cathedral and St. Feliu.

       5th: Museum of history: "The old city"

       6th: History Museum: "The stained glass"

You have to bring food and breakfast / snack.

The students must go without a uniform except the 1st and 2nd graders who must wear the school tracksuit.


Cristina Serra

Primary Coordinator

Global competence