P3-P4-P5 - Christmas nursery

Fill the form before 10st December

De 27-12-2018 07:45 a 28-12-2018 18:00
Les Alzines, Camí Vell Fornells, Girona
How to get

We would like to remind you that on Christmas the school will remain open for those families who need it.

The price will be 35 euros per day (lunch included). If children come every day the price will be 130 euros (lunch included) and you will receive a receipt with the date: 20th December.

For our better organisation it would be nice if you could inf

orm us in advance in case you need this service and the days that your child is going to come to school. You just have to fill in the atttached document and send it in before 10st December. Any request submitted after this period will not be taken into account.

The schedule will be from 7.45 h to 18 h every day.

As we informed you on the school calendar, the school will remain closed on Monday December 24.

Form to request this service

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