P3,P4 i P5 – English: 1st quarter

As mentioned in the Parents meeting on September 6th here are the different projects and corresponding dates that will be covered this first term.

September 12th - October 27th: Unit of Inquiry: "I'm unique"

In this unit we'll be thinking about ourselves and the things around us. Feel free to ask your children about the parts of the body, things in our school and what the thinking keys are for.

November 5th - November 16th: Science Project 

  • P3: Up in the Sky
  • P4: The Rainbow
  • P5:The 5 senses

November 19th - November 30th: Circle Stories (Creative Writing)

  • P3: Owl Babies by Martin Waddell
  • P4: Where the wild things are by Maurice Sendak
  • P5: Circle Stories by your children

December 3rd - December 21st: Theatre Project

  • P3: Molly
  • P4: Christmas Surprise
  • P5: Under the Bed

Please ask your children what they are doing in class. Feel free to ask the teachers too!

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