I3 - Atrium Project

"DEMO" that the teacher has prepared with your children

Dear families:

This year your sons and daughters have started the Atrium project, inspired by the catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

We would really like to introduce you to the project and explain how we work in the classroom and even more so considering that some of you are new to the school. For this reason, we have organized an information session in which you can see what the Atrium sessions are like with a "DEMO" that the teacher has prepared with your children.

You, parents, are the first educators and the first transmitters of the faith; you have a very important role in this whole project. We think that this session will help you and accompany your sons or daughters.

The sessions will take place at 3.30pm in the psychomotricity classroom and then we will go to your child's classroom:

  • Tuesday, October 1 at I3A.
  • Tuesday, October 18 at I3B.
  • Tuesday 25 October at I3C.

As always, count on the guidance of the tutor for any doubts and also on the Atrium guide that you all already have.

See you there!

Family team

Ethical leadership