ESO - Rules SmartWatches and activity bracelets

Dear families,

Due to the increased uses of SmartWatches and activity bracelets among our students, the school has decided to modify the regulations in this regard.

The students will be allowed to carry this type of device as long as they carry them unlinked from the mobile phone and therefore cannot use the applications that need this connection (notifications from applications, calls ...).

SmartWatches that can take photographs and those that can work with a sim card are totally prohibited.

The teachers may ask the students to leave the devices on the teacher's table, when they consider it necessary, for example when they take an exam or test.

If there is a breach of this regulation, the same procedure that is used for the misuse of the mobile phone will be followed.


Nuria Vilà

Deputy Director of ESO and Baccalaureate

Global competence