Awards ceremony of the Cambridge University Certificates

On Wednesday October 17th, the awards ceremony of the Cambridge University Certificates of Movers, Flyers, PET and FCE took place in the school library. Certificates were given to the students who took the examinations last May.

All the students were very excited about receiving this diploma as it is a proof of the knowledge gained in the English language during the previous year. 

In Les Alzines, the preparation of these examinations (Movers, Flyers and PET) can be done as an extra-curricular activity. Students can prepare for the FCE in the school curricula. At the end of the course, examiners from the University of Cambridge move to the school to do these tests. 

We want to congratulate all the students for the effort made. Not only have they worked academically to extend their knowledge in the English language but they have also overcome the tension of taking an external evaluation test. We believe that this experience enriches them. 

Adele Titford, coordinator of these tests, came to the school to give the certificate to each student and congratulated them on the work done and the good level shown. She also explained that, even in cases where the expected score was not obtained, very useful conclusions can be drawn from the personal learning of English. She finally encouraged them to continue learning English as a preparation for their professional future. 

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