3rd ESO - Effective education framework

Dear families,

As part of the school's effective education framework, last year we introduced, with great success, workshops that your daughters will receive during the week of 4th to 8th April.

These sessions are organized and carried out by the organization Instituto Desarrollo y Persona of the Francisco de Vitoria University of Madrid.

The talks given by the instructors in charge speak with clarity and respect, and respond to the affective and sexual concerns of the students with language appropriate to their age.

The training workshops begin with an anonymous questionnaire where each student can ask about their concerns in this area. Based on the students' answers, the educators design the training in a personalized way.

As you can see, the activity will take place in the 1st year of ESO, the 3rd year of ESO and, later, also in the 1st year of Btx.

In this way, every two years, all ESO and BTX students will have received this valuable training.

We believe it is a great opportunity to help students grow in this aspect so that they can have a healthy and happy life.

Yours faithfully,

Núria Vilà

Deputy Director of ESO and BTX

Ethical leadership