3r ESO -

Dear 3rd ESO families,

As we reported at the quarterly meeting, your daughters will be living together on April 28 and 29 to finish preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. It will take place in Los Bancales, El Grado, near the Sanctuary of Torreciutat (Huesca).

The school aims to give our students the opportunity to continue the training plan designed for their course in a different environment than usual.

It will be a cohesive, fun and enriching activity for them. The students will be accompanied by teachers.

The plan is as follows:

April 28th

  • 9am Departure from Les Alzines
  • Picnic lunch en route
  • Canoeing activity in the Graus reservoir.
  • Arrival at Los Bancales where we will sleep.
  • Confirmation preparation session.
  • Dinner, cohesion activities and sleep

April 29

  • To have breakfast
  • Visit to the Sanctuary of Torreciutat and Holy Mass
  • Departure by bus to Girona.
  • Arrival in Les Alzines (approximately 4.30 pm)

The departure price is 92 euros and includes:

  • Bus journey (round trip)
  • Canoeing activity.
  • Dinner, bed and breakfast
  • A picnic lunch

If you do not mind, the full amount will be billed on April.

You must bring a sleeping bag, or sheets and a pillowcase. Also lunch on the first day.

As the activity is voluntary, students who do not attend will be able to take revision and study classes at the school, always with teachers.

If your daughter is participating in the activity, you must return the signed authorization before April 20th.


Núria Vilà

Deputy Director of ESO and Btx

Ethical leadership