2n BTX - Exams 1st evaluation

We inform you about the dates of the exams of the first evaluation.

De 15-11-2018 09:00 a 16-11-2018 17:00
Les Alzines, Camí Vell Fornells, Girona
How to get

The girls from 2n of Baccalaureate will take the exams of the 1st evaluation from thursday the 15th to wednesday the 21st of november.

They will have study evenings from wednesday 14th to tuesday the 20th of november.  

During these exam days, all students begin at 9am and they will be able to leave after having finished the second exam in the morning.  

There is dining room (for regular users) and a library service every fternoon at the school, so the students will be able to study in the library.  

We remind you that if you do not have to use the regular school transport service, the secretary must be notified.

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