1º,2º,3º ESO-Taquillas

Nuevas taquillas para facilitar el orden y la organización

From: Elisa Comes - Subdirector ESO and Baccalaureate
To: Parents of students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of ESO 

Next week the students from 1st to 3rd of ESO will be able to use the new lockers of the corridor. They will have an easier personal organitation.
The lockers are at the students disposition with a responsible use and taking care of them. 

The teachers will hand out them in their own judgement making a register of the locker of each student. 

The students are able to put a padlock following the conditions that are detailed: 

1) Any teacher are able to require the key of the locker when its necessary.
2) In the case of intentionally misusing of that school material, as any other, the student is responsible for their replacement or adjustment beign able to claim the family the expenses of that material.
3) The school reserves the right to continue giving the possibility to use the lockers in case of non-compliance with the above points. 

Ethical leadership