1 and 2 PRIMARY - Atrium

Dear families:

In Primary 1 and 2 we continue with the Atrium project started by some of you in P3. Atrium is a project inspired by the Maria Montessori method whose objective is the transmission of faith. The project is based on personal experience and experience, working dynamically and using very attractive materials for children.

We would like to introduce you to the project and explain how we work it in the classroom and even more so considering that some of you are new to the school.

Since you are the first educators and the first transmitters of the faith and have a very important role in this whole project, we think that this session will help you to help and accompany your daughters. As always, count on the guidance of the tutor for any questions and also with the Atrium guide that we will provide to new families.

We invite you to an informative session about the project next Tuesday, November the 30th at 4pm.

The following days you will be able to see live (through a school Instagram live) an Atrium session in your daughter's classroom according to the following times:

  • Prim 1A: on Thursday, December the 9th at 3pm
  • Prim 1B: on Thursday, December the 9th at 9am.
  • Prim 1C: on Friday, December the 10th 10 at 9am.

We wait for you!!

Ethical leadership