Primary 6 - Home to Home

Second day The girls are divided in groups of different colours and this is what they wrote today:


1. We did experiments with feathers, water, oil and food colouring. It was interesting!

2. We played basketball with our lovely monitors. It was a lot of fun.

3. This morning we danced all together with Sara and Fabiana. It was fantastic.

4. At night time, we had a treasure hunt, and our team was the first to collect all the hidden pieces.


1. The sun came out and we learned lots of things about the percentages of water on  the planet Earth.

2. After lunch,  we had the basketball tournament with the monitors.

3. Then we danced in class!

4. Later we taught the monitors how to play the "Fingers Up" Game!

5. We enjoyed the night games... but we coudn't find one piece of the treasure ,. But, we still had lots of fun.

6. The monitors are all fun, and they helped us have a great time.

7. Plus we learned about plants.


Miss Ann played basketball with us. The food was delicious. The experiments were very interesting. We danced with Fabiana and Sara. Ausra, our monitor, was great. We won 100 points. The lava experiment was beautiful and fun. We set the table for dinner for everyone. We had a lot of fun today.


The water experiment was very interesting, especially how the colours changed (yellow/red/orange).

We also played basketball. It was a lot of fun, it was cool that Miss Ann joined in.

We came in second with the treasure hunt because we worked as a team.

Although we don't have a lot of points we are still very happy. It’s not important to win, it's important to do your best and... have fun!


Today Wednesday 30th of March  was a  beautiful ,sunny day. We played basketball against other teams and the monitors. We lost  but we had fun.

We also danced with Fab and Sara and we had a lot of fun.

The monitors are amazing and Fab is  crazy!


We played basketball after lunch andwe won 50 points and all  the teams played mini basketball games.

We did 2 experiments:

1- The first experiment was a lava lamp

2- For the second experiment we used feathers.

With the yellow team, we played some games together and we had a lot of fun.

We saw Sara and Fab dancing in a room, and we joined in  the dancing.

After dinner we had a“treasure hunt” but we coudn't find one piece.


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