Portfolio Winners Chosen!

Once again, the English teachers have the difficult task of choosing the best decorated Portfolios. The entries this year were extremely strong and we know students spent a lot of time carefully selecting images related to English speaking countries

Participating courses were Primary 3 and Primary 5, with the winners being decided  based on creativity, relevance, neatness and originality. All the girls in Primary 1 and 2 took part in colouring their own portfolio so making them all winners!!

The winners were as follows:

Primary  3A     Winner: Clàudia Font               Runners Up: Estel Aulet and Mariona Domènech

Primary  3B     Winner: Arlette Canals             Runners Up: Berta Sans and Anna Aulet

Primary  3C     Winner: Annia Marín                Runners Up: Berta Pagès and Clara Font

Primary  5A     Winner: Raquel Vargas            Runners Up: Anna de Vilallonga and Martina Domènech

Primary  5B     Winner: Anna Domènech         Runners Up: Gina Agustí and Adriana Menacho

Primary  5C     Winner: Cristina Rullo              Runners Up:  Irene Trèmols and Clàudia Acín

The English Portfolio is a folder where pupils save the English language materials that they are most proud of, and may include exams, crafts ,cut outs, mini books, songs etc.This provides a way of them keeping a record of how their English has improved over the years.

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