Let's speak!

Un any més, Les Alzines compta amb la sort de tenir dues noies nadives de països de parla anglesa per practicar speaking amb les alumnes. Seguidament ens expliquen la seva experiència en la nostra escola.

Emma i Tessa són les professores nadives d'aquest any. Ens expliquen la seva experiència

I'm Emma from Salisbury in the south of England and I'm the English language assistant for ESO and Batxillerat. My impressions of the school so far have been really positive as the teachers and the girls have been so welcoming, especially the English teachers with whom I work very closely. It has been lovely to get to know the girls and see them gain in confidence in their English speaking. I've even had the opportunity to assist with German speaking classes, a subject which I majored in at university. Some of my highlights so far have been helping supervise the students attending the drawing competition in the centre of Girona and going on a school trip with the girls in 1st Batxillerat to Barcelona and learning about the history of the city. It has also been fascinating to learn more about the Catalan culture in Girona, especially during Les Fires. I am extremely impressed with the high level of English in the school in general. Les Alzines seems like a really nurturing and stimulating environment for learning and I feel very lucky to have been placed here!

My name is Tessa Coberly, and I am the native English speaker in Primary and Infantil.  I am originally from New Jersey. I am really enjoying my time here at Les Alzines.  I love the students and every day I am impressed with their intelligence, energy, and curiosity.  I can´t imagine myself at their ages, effectively using three languages in school!  The girls are also exceptionally friendly and welcoming.  Sometimes I feel like a celebrity when I walk down the hallways and the girls say ¨Hello Miss Tessa!¨ in unison.  Perhaps it is because in my class we play a lot of games and talk about things like films and music!  My mission is to encourage the girls to have confidence in speaking English, and I think it is working very well.

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