Home to home visit primary 4

This week the girls of Primary 4 have been visited by the teachers from Home to Home organization.This is the second year that the girls have undergone an intensive English week.

The aim of the week is to learn more about British culture and improve the girls' speaking skills. The organization has prepared a fun document for the girls to complete which is complimented with various outdoor and indoor activities. It has been a very enjoyable and informative week for the girls as one girl  said: ‘I love learning English!’ Also another said: ‘I really enjoyed learning about life in the UK!’

Here are some of the comments from the Home to Home teachers:

4A: The girls are very active in class, and always make an effort to answer questions and express themselves, even if they do not know the exact vocabulalry. They work well together in groups, even if they are a little noisy at times! Their level of English is impressive, and they pick up on new words and phrases very quickly. All in all, it was fantastic working with them (Mandy)

4B: Teaching 4B has been a pleasure. It has been a great experience to see how the girls have improved their English in such a short period of time, through a mixture of new games and songs. The girls already had an impressive level of English before this week, and I am sure that they will continue to expand their knowledge. I was very happy to work with them, and will miss them! (Laura)

4C: The lovely girls of 4C burst with energy. Their enthusiasm is contagious and has made this week an unforgettable experience. Without a doubt, these girls will grow up to become smart and interesting women, and I am sure that their English will continue to improve (Fatima)

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