Hello! My name is Katy

My name is Katy and I've been working as a langauge assistant at Les Alzines since September. I'm orginally from a small town outside of Belfast in the north of Ireland.

Every week I work with the girls of Primary 4,5,6 and ESO 1 and 2, to improve their fluency in English, using fun activites, role plays and dramas. 
Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to the girls of Primary 1 and 2 about myself and about life in Ireland. It was a great chance for the girls to learn a little bit more about an English-speaking country, and they were able to ask lots of questions at the end. They were really facinated by the idea of Irish people having ginger hair, and wanted to know all about Irish dancing!
Overall, I think that the level of English at Les Alzines is extremely high. I'm really enjoying working with such fun and motivated girls!

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