Drama in Primary

The Primary 4 pupils have spent the last couple of weeks getting ready to perform the play ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ . This year they are going to perform in front of both Primary 2 and Primary 3 pupils.

We are sure that the younger pupils will be captivated by their performances. All the pupils have a role to play either as one of the characters  or as a narrator. They have enjoyed learning their lines and deciding on the costumes they will wear . The play also includes 5 lively songs, which they have learned along with a dance routine for each one.

Drama in the classroom is an important and fun part of language learning.Through drama, as well as learning new vocabulary and structures, they practise many other skills including some of the multiple intelligences like kinesthetic and musical intelligences.

 We wish our pupils the best of luck with their performances. We are sure they will demonstrate once again what great little actresses they are !

Drama in Primary 3 (The Lion and the Mouse)

Every third term Primary 3 girls perform a play called “The Lion and the Mouse”. This year they acted in front of both Primary 1 and Primary 4 pupils. Children like to move and to interact with others andd we ask them to do exactly this through drama.

A month before the show, we read, listened and did the book activities in English class in order to learn and enjoy the story.  Next, we started acting for a while. It is really gratifying for a teacher to notice how their speaking skills and self confidence hugely improve session by session. We firmly believe that Drama gives children opportunities to explore, discuss and deal with difficult issues and to express their emotions in a supportive environment.

It has been exciting to observe how pupils have to organise themselves,find  their costumes, masks, settings, choreographies and dances for the play. This enables us see another side of our students.

Our students really looked forward to performing their play in Primary 4, and of course they did it as well  this year as last year.

We all agree that doing this kind of activities is a great experience because it's meaningful learning and this is what our society needs.

They all did a good job!

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